The Five Secrets to beat the B-BBBEE Challenge

What’s in it for you to work with us?
  1. Collaborate to demystify – Collaborate with a provider that has a proven track record in the field to unpack it for you.
  2. Simplicity – The world of work is complicated so you need a partner that can simplify the way to implement and maximise your SDE.
  3. Novel thinking – Doing the same-old same-old regarding SDE is not going to produce the best solutions.
  4. Integrated solutions – The SDE plan needs to integrate with your financial and operational plans in order to maximise the potential value.
  5. Engage with ESG – Environment, Social & Governance as a required business best practice is escalating. Through your Skills Spend, you are contributing to Social Upliftment of the South African Workforce.
Our Value Proposition to You
We have been collaborating with clients in this field since 2008 and aim to provide Peace of Mind Client Experiences.
By partnering with us, you will benefit from our proven expertise when we collaborate with you to create the financial and operational solution that best solves your company’s B-BBEE Skills Development Expenditure needs.
Use Case Example: A Manufacturing Company
A company with 450 people and a payroll of R100m realised the following:
  • Total of 23 learnerships (4 Disabled, 12 Employed, 7 Unemployed)
  • 105 Learners on Bursaries
  • Maximised Absorption
  • Total Skills Spend: R6 110 000
  • Actual Cashflow: R912 880
  • Cashflow Savings: R5 197 120
  • Scorecard result: 24 points at a net cost of R912 880 (15%) We look forward to connecting with you to explore ways in which we can maximise your B-BBEE Skills Spend. Contact us via

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