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Being at home doing nothing is not an option, I should let my wings spread and search for more opportunities. The program has motivated me to complete my matric and see a bright future with proper qualifications. I would like to thank Skills College for the opportunity.
Winny Mathe
It has given me the opportunity to gain a qualification which will assist me in finding a job one day. What I discovered about myself is that I work well in a team, I too have the ability to read and understand. I want to thank Skills College for the opportunity, not only am I getting a stipend, but I’m also gaining knowledge and a qualification.”
Phenyo Vuka
The programme has given me hope as opportunities are scarce. I can assist financially at home,as well as get an qualification. What I learnt about myself is given the opportunity I can excel well! Thank you for the opportunity that you have granted me.
Daniel Molema
I have been sitting at home waiting for an opportunity as opportunities are scarce, so I was happy to be accepted to do a learnership at Skills College. It allowed me to help my parents at home financially. Thank you for the opportunity
Raymond Masemola
It has given me an opportunity for further learning and obtaining a recognized qualification that can be portable from one company to another. It has made me a better person who gained more experience and skills and to be comfortable, committed and it improved my self-esteem. I have discovered that being disabled doesn’t mean that I can not do anything that I set my mind to. Thank you for granting me this opportunity
Hope Khoza