About Us

Our Pet Project


We believe in practicing what we are preaching, therefore we are proud about our association with Ubusha eWasha. We sponsor the company through our CSI channel and are proud to see our learners and our clients flourish.

Learners obtain permanent employment on completion of their academic qualification, and clients obtain their Absorption points by offering cleaning services of buildings and mobile carwashes.


The service includes placing a bin in your offices so that you can fill it with all types of paper. Ubusha eWasha will then clear the bins regularly and dispose of the paper in the appropriate way – leaving your office clean from waste paper.

Through this service we can all collaborate towards caring for our planet and proudly share that we do our part in leaving a green earth for our children!

If you are interested in enrolling in this programme, please contact us at 012 943 5779 or 076 219 2063.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!