Relationship between a Qualification and a Learnership

During a number of meetings that we attended recently, it has become clear that there is not a generally held clear understanding amongst role-players in our industry of the difference between a learnership and a qualification.

Yes, it IS scary!

The following visual depicts the process through which learning material goes through from creation until it is internalised by the learner. The relationship (rather than the difference) between a learnership and a qualification becomes clear from the respective places and roles in this process:

We trust this picture will contribute to better understanding of the new world of the QCTO that is dawning.

At Skills College we look forward to connecting with you if you have any needs regarding the journey on the QCTO route. We specialise in collaborating with you to create a strategy to optimise the benefits you can obtain through your B-BBEE Skills Expenditure scorecard.

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