Plain Sailing the QCTO High Seas!

In the turbulent new world of the QCTO, “plain sailing” would mean navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of qualifications, standards, regulations, and B-BBEE requirements with ease and confidence. It would entail a seamless and efficient operation, with minimal obstacles and maximum support. And it will be made easier by partnering with an experienced Training Provider at the helm of your ship!

From the training provider’s perspective, “plain sailing” would mean:

  • Having a large portfolio of QCTO-accredited qualifications, part qualifications and skills programmes.
  • Effortless accreditation and registration with QCTO and SETA
  • Streamlined processes to continuously improve and to cover the bureaucratic hurdles
  • Focus on delivering high-quality training
  • Compliance with B-BBEE SDE requirements, including:
    • Meeting Skills Development Expenditure (SDE) targets
    • Implementing effective Learnership and Apprenticeship programs
    • Supporting SMMEs and ED & SD actions

From the learner’s perspective, “plain sailing” would mean:

  • Solid support by the training provider during the learner’s learning journey
  • A smooth and successful learning journey
  • Access to relevant and engaging training programs
  • Clear learning outcomes and effective assessment methods
  • A recognized QCTO qualification that opens doors to new opportunities
  • Inclusive and diverse learning environments that promote equity and social cohesion
  • Opportunities for skills development and career advancement
  • Access to Learnership and Apprenticeship programs for work-integrated learning

In essence, “plain sailing” would mean a hassle-free and successful experience for both the training provider and the learner, allowing them to focus on their core goals and achieve success in the turbulent new world of the QCTO, while also contributing to the transformation and development of South Africa through B-BBEE SDE compliance.

We at Skills College are ready to be the helmsman to your skipper to navigate you towards plan sailing this new high seas of the QCTO!

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