Peace of Mind Client Experience – Our Magic Sauce!

The Pervasiveness of Shocking Quality
We have been desensitised as South Africans to accept mediocrity of products and service delivery. The pervasiveness of this mediocrity stretches from the highest levels of government to having a clean wineglass in a restaurant!
The common denominator underlying this reality is that we as clients and customers actually pay for these products or services and therefore have a right to receive that for which we pay.
The service industry and specifically the Training, Education and Learning industry is particularly fraught with this problem. There is a plethora of service providers that range from corporate companies to one-man shows working from their proverbial garages – many of whom have had dubious levels of training and ethics around quality.
What Makes for a Mind-blowing Client Experience
According to the rising world of CX (Client Experience), clients world-wide subconsciously look for 3 things when they make up their minds about the experience they are having:
• How simple is it to interact with this company?
• How functional is the service offering or product – does it do what it is supposed to?
• What emotions does this company evoke in me when we interact?
If you make each of these a scale (for example -4 to +4), you can actually quantify the nature of the experience that you are having!
Creating great experiences do not happen automatically – a company has to create a defined Client Experience Intent that explains the nature of the experience it wants its clients to experience.
The Skills College Defined CX Intent
We at Skills College want our clients to have Peace of Mind experiences when they interact with us. This is our intent because we believe there are so many providers out there who neither care about the client nor offer solutions that are safe, easy, and satisfying. We do care!
But it’s not only our clients that are on our radars in our CX efforts. We have also defined the experience that our Learners have as Va-Va-Voom Experiences! They have been entrusted to us for a critical part of their development journey and they need only the best!
We look forward to connecting with you to explore ways in which we can create Peace of Mind and Va-Va-Voom! experiences in your B-BBEE Skills Development Expenditure endeavors!

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