Legacy Qualifications Extended – But only a Few!!

Good news!
The lives of legacy qualifications owned by the SETAs have been extended!

Bad News.
Only for a few qualifications will be extended.

Through various correspondences, the Minister of Higher Education and Training proclaimed that all legacy qualifications (pre-2009 qualifications) owned by the various SETA’s will be transferred to the QCTO. With effect from the 30th of June no more learners will be allowed to be registered by the SETAs – companies will have to start deploying qualifications registered with the QCTO.

However, on the 3rd of June, a gazette was published containing a directive that replaces the published implementation and transitional arrangements for all pre-2009 qualifications. A selected list of 374 of the almost 9000 qualifications registered on the NQF (approximately 4%) will be extended. This will allow the relevant SETAs time to convert these qualifications to QCTO-accredited qualifications.

The Skills College Legacy Qualifications in Play

Skills College have done an alignment of the legacy qualifications that we have been accredited for, with the list of qualifications to be extended. There are 15 in our portfolio of qualifications that Skills College can still offer.

This is in addition to the 16 QCTO qualifications that we have been accredited for.

This means that we are geared to assist you in providing training to your staff, or to optimise your B-BBEE Skills Development Expenditure! Call us if you are interested in exploring the opportunities.

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