Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S.)

Go for Y.E.S. - Youth Employment Service Initiative

The Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S.) Initiative is to provide for, and institute, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) recognition for Y.E.S. measured entities.This Initiative will assists all measured entities in moving up 2 levels as well as our youth in succeeding in their first work experience.


We offer YES incentive initiatives to benefit both our clients and individuals:

  • A Professional hassle-free project management solution on behalf of our clients.
  • Registration on the YES program on behalf of our clients.
  • Full registration of recruited youth, including recruitment, vetting, interviewing, screening and placements.
  • Linking registered youth with our clients in-line with the YES program.
  • Full compliance pack of required documentation provided for the YES program.
  • Full compliance pack of required employment documentation provided to clients for YES youth.
  • Detailed twelve-month educational program to enhance/compliment the work experience component.
  • Accredited skills program delivered on-site by experience and qualified facilitators.
  • Ongoing coaching of employed youth for the duration of the program to ensure a true value-add for both the client and the youth.
  • Ongoing formal mentorship program aligned to the skills program presented over the twelve-month work experience period.


> Must achieve at least the 40% sub-minimum for priority elements of the generic B-BBEE scorecard. Alternatively, Generic entities must achieve an average of 50% across your entity’s 3 priority elements (ownership, ESD, SD).

> Your company, as well as the candidates, need to be registered with the yes4youth initiative.


> Achieve Y.E.S Target and 2.5 % Absorption - Move 1 B-BBEE Recognition Level up on the Scorecard.

> Achieve 1.5 x Y.E.S Target and 5% Absorption - Move 1 B-BBEE Recognition Level up on the Scorecard + 3 Bonus Points to the overall Scorecard.

> Double Y.E.S Target and 5 % Absorption - Move 2 B-BBEE Recognition Levels up on the Scorecard.