Learnerships and Internships

Amended B-BBEE Codes

The B-BBEE Code’s Learning Programme matrix sets out a number of areas including Learnerships and Internships, where Skills Development is possible.

Skills Development Elements Scorecard Reflecting Amendments

Category Skills Development element Weighting points Compliance target Amended weighting points Amended Compliance target
2.1.2 Learnerships, Apprenticeships, and Internships Number of black people participating in Learnerships. Apprenticeships and internships as a percentage of total employees. 4 2.5% 6 5% Number of black unemployed people participating in training specified in the learning programme matrix as a percentage of number of employees. 4 2.5%
Bonus points
2.1.3 Number of black people absorbed by the Measured and Industry Entity at the end of the Learnership programme. 5 100% 5 100%

A Learnership is a structured learning process for gaining theoretical knowledge and practical workplace experience with set requirements resulting in a qualification registered on the NQF. A Learnership is outcomes-based and not time-based and allows for recognition of prior learning.

How Can Skills College Help You?

The choice between Unemployed or Employed Learnership

Companies now have the option to choose between Unemployed or Employed Learnerships. In the case of Unemployed learners where the company can’t accommodate the learners, Skills College will provide the theory training at the Skills College premises and place the learners with a host employer.

Employed Learnership training is provided at the company for the duration of the programme for the best financial solution with minimal operational disruption to the company.

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Unemployed Learnerships

Skills College manages Unemployed Learnerships, the potential contribution of the category is calculated based on the total headcount of the company.

Assistance is offered with the recruitment of unemployed learners keeping in mind specific recruitment criteria and EAP targets. Once theory training is completed placement is provided for workplace practical experience.

Employed Learnerships

Skills College guides companies to ensure that Employed Learnerships make financial sense and support the company’s goals. The benefit to companies is that the full salary for each employee placed counts towards the total spend.

Skills College Internship Management Programme

Skills College has developed a bespoke structured internship management programme for interns that contributes to meaningful employment in companies.

The programme provides the following benefits:

  • Total spend on internship programmes and salaries are taken into consideration
  • Absorbing the Inters into the company will count towards absorption points

In addition, programmes assist new employees to fit into the company and to effectively conduct themselves as professional employees that are accountable and take responsibility while working in synergy with other employees to achieve the company’s goals.

Unemployed Learners

Employed Learners