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Amended B-BBEE Codes

The amended B-BBEE codes gazetted 31 May 2019 and implemented in Dec 2019 provide extra incentives for companies to employ and invest in the development of black people with disabilities.

One of the most marginalised groups in our population has always been people with disabilities in our poorest black communities.

Skills Development Elements Scorecard Reflecting Amendments

Category Skills Development element Weighting points Compliance target Amended weighting points Amended Compliance target
2.1.1 Skills Development Expenditure on any programme specified in the Learning Programme Matrix for black people as a percentage of the Leviable Amount. Skills Development Expenditure on Learning Programmes specified in the Learning Programme Matrix for black employees with disabilities as a percentage of Leviable Amount 4 0.30% 4 0.30%

How Can Skills College Help You?

Skills College has developed a bespoke structured career programme for black people with disabilities. The program takes disability benefits into consideration as well as the additional incentives for the employment and development of black women and youth.

The entire process from recruitment, registration, training, placing the trainees out to a “host” employer and absorption post qualification is included in this programme. The current pass rate is approximately 96%.

Companies that participate in this programme can earn benefits in terms of their BEE compliance and cost while maximising the favourable tax rebates and incentives.

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Career Activation Programme

Benefits of the Career Activation Programme

  • Provides companies with the option of a four-year career activation plan for disabled learners with the aim of gainful employment
  • All learners start with a foundation year on a Business Administration Learnership at NQF Level 2 for a soft start and to get into the productive mode of learning
  • A learner can continue to an NQF4 supervisory or junior management qualification
  • Offers learners a career path, not just training
  • The company and the learner have the option to exit the career activation programme after completing any of the 12-month qualifications