We at Skills College know that skills development in South Africa has a massively positive effect on all levels of society – economic, social, business, and individual – and each of these is intricately linked with one another. In other words, what benefits the individual benefits the country, and what benefits the country benefits the individual.

Let’s take a closer look at how everyone in South Africa benefits from skills development.

Economic and social development

At its core, skills development enables people to learn something new in order to get a job and even begin a lifelong career. 29% of our country faces unemployment and of those, our youth are the most vulnerable – 55.2% of people between 15 and 24 years old are unemployed.

One of the most effective ways to eradicate poverty is to educate impoverished people. By teaching and transferring skills to those who would otherwise lack these opportunities, we can vastly improve their prospects at not only finding a job but also in improving the country’s economy. Looking at it this way, the entire country benefits from skills development.

Business development

Many businesses still see skills development as a grudge purchase, a burden forced upon them without any advantages for the company. But with an experienced skills development company to provide a tailored solution, businesses can see tangible benefits.
The most obvious is an improved B-BBEE Scorecard rating, but many feel this is attainable only by spending a large amount of money without actually benefitting the company itself. However, skills development does not need to cost a lot and there is no reason there shouldn’t be a direct, measurable benefit for the company. With a bespoke solution, skills development becomes an affordable and effective way to improve B-BBEE levels.

Further, when there is an operational requirement, skills development allows businesses to fill much-needed positions with well-trained individuals.

In addition, investing in people and their futures is one of the best ways to create loyal and engaged employees. Having dedicated staff leads to better operational performance which ultimately leads to better business.

Individual development

Skills development is for our country’s most marginalised groups, giving individuals access to economic opportunities that they would otherwise never have access to.

When just one person is empowered with training and education, it allows them to uplift other members of their families, creating a grassroots movement which can empower entire communities.

Our motto is ‘teaching skills to change lives’ because that is exactly what skills development does. Whether you look at the larger economic advantages, which benefit all parts of society, or at a single individual with the means to improve their lives and the generations that follow, skills development is one of the most important ways for our country to progress, and we are proud to be a part of this solution.