How to save money for a short course

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By Nichelle Wilson

How to save money for a short course

Want to complete a short course but don’t have the funds? We’ve come up with a few clever ways for you to save money to kickstart a new career or improve your skills in your current one.

You probably know how important it is to create a budget and stick to it, so we won’t go into that. But let’s be real – even when you stick to your budget, saving is hard! Some months it just feels impossible.

If you simply don’t know where you could possibly save extra money, have a look at our five ways to save cash to study below.

Consider shared living

No matter where you stay, the cost of living can be greatly reduced if you share your home with another person. You can split the cost of rent, monthly utilities, and even food to save money.

This might mean moving back in with your parents, getting a flatmate, or moving into a commune house where multiple people live together, each contributing for the room they occupy.

If this idea doesn’t appeal to you, just remember that it would be temporary. As soon as you save enough money to study you can go back to having your own place.

Ask for money for your birthday

If you’re really serious about saving money to study, why not ask your loved ones to give you money instead of gifts for your birthday? It might not be exciting, but an extra cash boost like this could get you closer to your savings goal much quicker.

Sell your old possessions

Got some clothes in good condition that you don’t wear much anymore? How about an old bicycle you haven’t ridden in years? Consider selling them! Facebook Marketplace, OLX, and Gumtree have made it easy to reach people in your area and sell your unwanted goods. You never know who might just be waiting to buy something you have!

Give up one indulgence

Everyone has at least one indulgence they feel they simply can’t live without – a coffee every morning, a beer with dinner, junk food every Saturday night.

One thing these vices all have in common is when you’re indulging in them every day, it can get expensive. We’re not saying you should cut out every treat in your life – just pick one; it will be totally worth it. Here’s a practical example: If you normally buy a 1L Coke every day for R15, you could save R450 if you gave up the habit for just one month!

Stay home on weekends

We know – this is starting to sound like a real buzzkill! But this tip will save you loads of money. Think of all the drinks, fast food, and transport you won’t be spending money on. You could save a few hundred rand every week just by cooking food at home and chilling on your couch on Friday and Saturday nights.

Remember, when you’re saving for a specific goal and you need to make a few lifestyle changes, it’s only temporary. You don’t need to give up your daily sugar fix or hide at home forever. Also keep in mind that the quicker you save, the sooner you’ll be back to living your best life and studying that short course you’ve always wanted to take.